About Us

About Restaurant Magic Business

Initially launched in Florida in 2010, Restaurant Magic Business (RMB) has recently expanded its services to provide Staff Training & Guest Entertainment for restaurants & hotels across the nation.

Restaurant Magic Business and its parent company, Event Magic International, helps industry venues flourish by securing professional entertainers & speakers to provide staff training and unique guest experiences. We provide effective marketing and business solutions through the medium of magic.

Why did we start RMB ?

During our 15 years of developing business on an independent local level we founded our company out of a deep desire to:

  1. Raise the standard of what restaurants expect and receive from partner vendors.
  2. Support and cultivate the business of restaurants all around the country
  3. Raise the level of professionalism and proficiency for restaurant staff
  4. Grow and expand the market potential for accomplished professional food-service entertainers

Who is RMB and what do we do?

We are a team of talented full-time restaurant magicians and knowledgeable independent business people working together as a national brand to foster successful long-term relationships with independent and chain restaurants. Our company was established to provide the back-bone needed to create bottom line revenue and value for everyone involved.

By qualifying, training and certifying every one of our skilled performers we are able to set new standards for professionalism and quality in professional magic interaction. By qualifying all of the restaurants we partner with and finding only the best possible matches in each local market, we help to educate management and their staff, paving the way for a seamless partnership.

As a national brand, Restaurant Magic Business provides its partner restaurants with not only delightful entertainment but also proven magical marketing techniques that produce tangible results.

How does RMB train restaurant staff ?

From New Hire Orientation to monthly Team Meetings, Restaurant Magic Business has developed applicable content that connects to today’s restaurant staff. We work individually with each restaurant to set-up the right level of training to provide the most value.

How does RMB work with entertainers ?

Along with creating weekly performance opportunities, we provide professional, qualified magicians the ability to present themselves to potential clients in an atmosphere that best reflects the high level of their performance skills. As a national organization, RMB is capable of approaching the highest quality restaurants and guaranteeing them the highest quality magicians.  At RMB, we are here to benefit magicians and help them:

  • Perform in the best restaurants in their town
  • Be remunerated at a level that matches the value they provide
  • Present themselves to a level of clientele that best matches their career objectives.

The Goals at Restaurant Magic Business for our partner performers are:

  • To perform more regularly in their local markets
  • To entertain at a venue they are proud to represent
  • To interact more frequently with more people
  • To book additional external shows

How is RMB growing ?

Restaurant Magic Business is expanding rapidly through its partnership with restaurants nation wide..

  • We continue to expand and offer additional services in specific markets.
  • We continue to increase the bottom line for our partner restaurants all over the country.
  • We create new avenues of distinctive marketing for our quality food service providers.
  • We provide performance opportunities for a growing team of first-rate entertainers.
  • We elevate and empower staff to create positive and memorable guest experiences.