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Clarity of Concept – It’s Not Just About the Food

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If you don’t have clarity when it comes to your concept, it can be difficult to provide a strong atmosphere to your customers. This means they may enjoy the food but may not feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Restaurant Magic Business

Make Every Opportunity Count

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As a restaurant manager, you need to make sure your wait staff is making every opportunity count. Each interaction with a table is a chance to provide the “wow” factor.

Restaurant Magic Business

SmartMeetings Magazine Features ThinkMagic

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Keynote speaker and magician, Kostya Kimlat, helps businesses understand the role of perception to affect a company’s public image or first impression. Feature Article in SmartMeetings Magazine.

To Go Boxes Offer a Lasting Impression

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If all has gone well throughout the entire dining experience, the to go box can make or break the rest of the evening – and potentially make a positive impact several days later.

Timing the Check is Everything

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The timing of the check is not something many servers know automatically – you need to teach it to them. By providing your servers with a little bit of training, you can ensure the entire guest experience is perfect.

Restaurant Magic Business

The Dangers of Assumptions

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Servers are in the position to make assumptions all the time. The question you have to ask yourself is if your servers are making assumptions that can lead to the loss of business. This is very dangerous.