A Trained Magical Hospitality Specialist: What Does this Mean?

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At our company, our magicians aren’t simply table-side entertainers. They are Trained Magical Hospitality Specialists. We don’t just use this term to differentiate us from the balloon animal artists that are roaming other restaurants, limiting table-side entertainment to only low-end, quick-service and children-oriented establishments. Instead, we use the term to highlight that our performers are professionals that operate on a vastly different level than your typically corny and cheap entertainment.

Let’s take a look at this title in more detail. First, the “trained” part. We train all of our magicians to ensure they are providing the best customer service to your guests. We cover all of the basics with our staff to ensure there is no gray area. This means that touching isn’t allowed, except to shake someone’s hand. It also means respecting customers’ personal space. We do up-close magic, but that doesn’t mean it has to invade their space. As a result, our specialists won’t use the table as a stage for the magic. Our specialists will also never use vulgar language or language that can be misconstrued as annoying, mocking or sarcastic.

Our specialists are incredibly “magical.” They are taught what to pack for their performance at your restaurant to ensure a successful evening. We work with our magicians to ensure they know a wide variety of tricks before booking them at your restaurant. When you want your guests to have the WOW factor they deserve, we know that we must send in experienced magicians to get the job done.

Additionally, we create customized magic to cater to your brand. And because guests return for their experience, our magicians also cater to the individual needs of a particular group that is celebrating a birthday or anniversary, as an example.

This means that for specific venues, our magicians will have special supplies on them. In the event something needs to be borrowed from a guest, it will be requested in a polite manner and returned promptly following the trick.

We also chose the term ‘hospitality’ for a reason. Our performers’ goal is to ensure your guests are having a good time. Each and every one of the magicians that could potentially work at your restaurant will know how to read your guests and develop a rapport with them. By doing so, you guests will feel more comfortable and respond more enthusiastically to the entertainment that is being presented to them.

Many local entertainers out there don’t bother to learn proper restaurant behavior and etiquette. They come in and do their job selfishly, trying to get as many tips as possible at the cost of everyone else involved. That’s not what our Trained Hospitality Specialists are all about.

We pay our staff an hourly rate instead of making them work for tips. This means they’re not going to solicit tips from your guests…which not only makes the guests feel more comfortable and gives them more value for their money, it also leaves more money to be collected by your servers!

Finally, ‘specialists’ indicate that we know what we are doing. Our magicians have not only been trained in the magic they perform, they have been trained to understand your brand. Further, we want to make sure everyone is able to do their job – including your servers. If our magicians are in the way of your servers doing their job, your guests won’t be happy and neither will your management. So along with training our magicians, we also train your staff, helping them to capitalize on the presence of magic at the restaurant. Everyone works together as a team and our training makes this seamless!

Our magicians are trained on the fundamentals of the industry and their hospitality knowledge creates above-and-beyond experience for your guests. That is our specialty. That is the real power of our magic!

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