Positive Interruptions in Your Restaurant

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One of the common things we hear from owners who are skeptical about adding magic to their venues is the funny phrase: “Magic won’t work for us. Our guests don’t like to be interrupted.”

As if there has ever been a guest in the history of the industry who did like to be interrupted. Unless, that is, the interruption was positive.

This is where our talent and experience comes in. We teach our Trained Hospitality Specialists to know the right time to approach the table. This is a delicate balance that takes impeccable timing and incredible finesse.

Our magicians walk through your restaurant, looking for smiling faces that aren’t deep into conversation. The best time to reach a table is when there is no menu on the table and the table is clean. After orders have been placed and before the food arrives is our best window of opportunity.

We’re not going to visit the tables where people are deep into conversation, arguing or otherwise engaged in some way. It’s bad for us, it’s bad for them and it’s bad for you. To put it simply, we don’t do it.

Most likely, your customers have visited your restaurant before. They know what to expect and they have grown comfortable with status quo. Our goal is to create a positive interruption to change up the experience for this guest. The positive interruption is going to have a positive effect on your restaurant business because it engages them when they weren’t otherwise engaged.

We have found that many couples, families and even business partners grow comfortable with each other over sharing a meal. Silence often fills the table and everyone is looking for a topic to speak about. When no conversation is flowing, the evening can drag on and be dull. You don’t want the dull evening to be associated with your restaurant, which is why you need to provide them with a positive experience that they will remember when they get up from the table.

So if you tell us that interruptions are bad, we want you to clarify. If you interrupt a guest to tell them you are out of their favorite dish or that their food is going to be late, we agree – that’s a horrible interruption. However, if you interrupt a guest to tell them they won a million dollars, well then that’s the best kind of interruption that you can provide.

While we’re not handing out a million dollars to your customers, we are providing them with value: free entertainment that has been selected just for them. Our magicians have a ton of tricks up their sleeves. They read each table and perform a few tricks that are going to be appreciated by your guests.

This positive interruption will ensure your guests are having a great time. This great time will translate to a happier experience, a higher tip for your server and a repeat customer that is coming back to relive the experience and get another positive interruption.

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