Servers Should be in the Moment

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After dealing with magicians for over fifteen years, I have learned the importance of making sure they are “in the moment.” If a magician seems distracted for whatever reason, it can take away from the overall effect of the trick at a table. This won’t go well for anyone involved.

Being in the moment is an important thing – not just for magicians but for servers, too. A server has to forget about what’s going on in his or her personal life and be in the moment. This may sound easier said than done and it is. There needs to be some server training to help servers understand how they can share the moment with a table full of guests.

There’s the little saying of “the more you give, the more you receive.” This is an important reminder for servers. Servers like to see a big tip after dealing with any table. However, few like to actually work to get that tip. Those who don’t work to build a rapport with a table and relate to the guests will find it hard to achieve a good tip at the end of the evening.

Building rapport is always important. Understanding the guest and learning to read them can go a long way. Magicians have several tricks they can perform – they establish rapport to decide which tricks they should perform to provide the most entertainment for that specific table. Servers need to do the same thing. They need to understand some tables need more or less than other tables.

If a server can figure out the needs of guests early on, they can provide more attentive and customized service to that table. The guests may be a family who just wants to keep the kids’ cups filled with juice. Or, the guests may be a business group who wants to be left alone with the exception of having plates cleared.

Servers who quickly pick up on the needs will be able to relate to the guests and provide them with better service. They can stay one step ahead of the guests and provide them with almost everything they need without the guests having to ask.

Does this take some time? Sure it does. Servers will need to put the time in to learn about building rapport and relating to guests. Their reward, however, is a higher tip from each table.

Watch Video for Servers on Reading, Relating & Building Rapport with Guests

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