To Go Boxes Offer a Lasting Impression

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I have always wondered why restaurants don’t take advantage of to go boxes more. When I’m in a restaurant and I can’t finish my entire meal, I take a to go box home. This is the very last thing I have to remember my dining experience because I’m taking it home with me. When a restaurant uses the to go box to their advantage, I usually remember them more often.

If all has gone well throughout the entire dining experience, the to go box can make or break the rest of the evening – and potentially make a positive impact several days later.

A server needs to bring over a to go box. Will they drop a few boxes and leave or will they stand there and put all the food into the box for the guests? Will they take the plate back to the kitchen and then deliver it back to the guest all boxed up inside of a bag with plastic utensils?

These are all questions you need to answer. How you answer them will determine how your restaurant is perceived. Even if everything has gone wonderfully prior to delivering the to go boxes, the way in which the server presents the to go box could be the last time you ever see that guest.

The to go box is a blank canvas. You can write whatever you want across it. Do you want to be complimentary? Humorous? Helpful?

Here are some suggestions on how to take advantage of the blank canvas:

• Write the words “thank you” across the box. Invite the guests to come back and visit again.
• Remind them of the time they had. Share a few experiences on the top of the box.
• Write today’s date and the date they need to eat the food by. The last thing you want is for guests to equate your restaurant with the fuzzy surprise in the back of their refrigerator.
• Include some heating instructions. Tell them how to microwave the food or what temperature to put it in the oven for.

When guests leave your restaurant with a to go box, they are bringing a little piece of your restaurant home with them. The next time they open up the to go box, they are going to relive the dining experience. You need to ensure it is a positive one the second-time around as well – even if you’re not there with them.

Those to go boxes are perfect opportunities to provide a lasting impression. I’m amazed by how many times they aren’t used. When you want to make a difference within your four walls, take a look at your to go boxes and decide how you want to teach your servers to present them to those guests who can’t finish all of the great food you’ve served them.

Watch Video on the Power of To Go Boxes to Create a Lasting Impression

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