Economic hardships vanish! No tricks. Just business.

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What do the past president of the world’s largest association of magicians and one of North America’s most prolific magic-trick inventors have in common? They are both wrong about one thing: the state of the economy. In one article Jack White says: “It’s a hard time to be a magician.” In another Jay Sankey says “Magic is definitely in decline.”

Both of them are wrong. Terribly, embarrassingly, misleadingly wrong.

Because magic is not in decline. And now is not any more difficult a time to be a magician. Now is the best time to be whoever you want to be, magician or restaurant owner, as long as you are willing to go out there and work hard for it.

Someone once said that the real trick isn’t pulling the rabbit out of the hat, the real trick is getting the rabbit into the hat in the first place!  The real magic is in creating the market that you want to be working in; in going out and contacting the people you want to be booked by. It’s what successful businesses do – they reach out to their customers. But it’s not an easy task to take on by yourself, which is what magicians have always done.

Restaurant Magic Business is changing the way magicians approach business. After 14 years of building a local business, we’re launching nationally. Our company is currently teaming up with over 30 restaurants around the country to offer an even greater magical experience for their guests, directly at their tables on a weekly basis. We are here to energize the economy – for both restaurants and magicians.

We’re looking for talented magic entertainers around the country to bring their magic to the table. We’ve promised our partner restaurants that we will bring them the best talent they have in their cities.

Our magicians:

  • will be courteous and engaging with all people they interact with
  • will perform amazing, non-intrusive magic that builds rapport with guests
  • will have passion for what they do and humility in how they present themselves
  • will represent our partner restaurants in the most positive manner at all times
  • will work seamlessly with all staff to create a perfect experience for all guests

If you’re reading this and you are a magical entertainer that believes that magic is not in decline and that now is the best time to be a magician, then you will have many reasons to join our team. Sign up today and tell us more about yourself.

We’ve worked hard to get here. Our team is expanding and we’re just getting started. Magic is alive and flourishing. Economic hardships have vanished. And that’s no trick; it’s our dedication and passion for business. And we can’t wait to do even more together!

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  1. Over the past few years the business of magic, for those who perform professionally, has become more complex. The current economic conditions have had a hug impact on our industry. I believe you have to create your own opportunities and take advantage of those presented to you. The core concepts of Restaurant Magic Business are very appealing. Please send more information. -Randy Bernstein