Strength of Community: a Letter from Japan

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In March 2011, when Japan suffered the Nuclear crisis, magicians in Orlando received an e-mail from a fellow magician who had been living and performing overseas. Steve Marshall was evacuating with his family for two weeks and coming back to his home. Our team of Central Florida magicians each passed down an evening of their performances at our local restaurants so Steve could earn income to offset the spending that was necessary for the evacuation. His performances received nothing short of incredible reviews! The customers and managers at each restaurant raved about him; his performances were stellar, his magic was amazing and his personality fun and engaging! Recently, Steve wrote us say:

Dear Kostya and Restaurant Magic Business Team,

I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for letting me work for you and your Restaurant Magic Business while I was in Florida, visiting from Japan last March.

The experience I had working for you was top notch as were all of the three restaurants I performed at. You have clearly done your research and chosen the best restaurants in central Florida to book magicians into.

I think you are providing a wonderful service for magicians all over the country to have places to perform on a regular basis. Having been a professional magician for over 25 years now, and having performed in almost every conceivable venue around the world, I still enjoy performing in restaurants when I get the chance because this style of performing gives me experience that I can take with me when I perform in other venues.

I applaud you for your time and efforts and for doing this all in a very classy way. You are creating not only a great service to magicians but also promoting magic as a true art form.

I would greatly encourage, and recommend, that any magician interested in honing his or her skills and taking their magic to a higher level (and hey, making some money too) to contact you and work with your company.

I look forward to working with you again next time I am in the USA!

Steve Marshall
Tokyo, Japan

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