Magical / Wonder

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What is the difference between Magic and… The Magical?

When something is magic, it contains a property that is mysterious and perhaps delightful. When something is magical, it evokes something further, deep within you. It evokes your sense of wonder.

That’s why in today’s high-tech/low-touch world our approach to magic is cynical, yet we fully embrace The Magical. That sense of wonder is so important and crucial to our lives.

“From wonder into wonder existence opens.” -Lao Tzu-

Look at today’s experiences: Disney has always been magical. iPad is a “magical revolutionary device.” Recently, standing in San Francisco’s Union Square I looked up at the two corner signs across from one another. A billboard for Macy’s wishing you a “magical season”, and another one from Borders, inviting you to “discover the magic within.”

There’s something special when the magical enters our lives, touching and fulfilling our emotions. “One must wonder about wonder,” says magical author and philosopher Robert Neale.

And so we have.

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