Advertising, Marketing or Entertainment?

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Is magic a form of outside advertising, in-house marketing or is it added-value entertainment?
Would it surprise you if the answer is all three?

When you hire Restaurant Magic Business to provide your entertainment, you are getting your money’s worth because we harness the power of the entertainment medium to build your advertising and marketing campaigns, using your budget most effectively to create the greatest impact.

Our job is easy when it comes to restaurant patrons. We can astonish and delight without a struggle. But amazing the guest is just the tip of the iceberg.

When you understand the real purpose of magic in the dining room, you will benefit significantly. Further, the professional entertainer who understands the needs of your restaurant will make the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Magic isn’t just any form of entertainment…we are personalized, table-side entertainment that will go from table to table, creating a custom experience for each and every one of your guests. Not all of the other restaurant entertainment options can say the same thing – and certainly not with the same results as you will get with magic.

Just ask any Vegas magician: who comes to their performances? The answer is everyone. Why? Because despite what people will say off hand, magic holds a special place in everyone’s heart. We train our magicians to perform up-close magic that will mystify your guests and leave them talking about the tricks for a long time.

All of that excitement is linked to your restaurant. The more the guests talk, the more it works to your advantage. It adds to the guest experience, it provides word of mouth marketing and it will bring new guests into the restaurant because of the word of mouth marketing.

If you think of magic just as entertainment, then you will only see the entertainment value. If you think of magic just as advertising, then you will only see it from the advertising role. Instead, you need to embrace the idea that it can be everything you need to improve guest satisfaction and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Our magicians know how to read your brand and your audience. This is made possible because we work hard at matching your restaurant to the right performer. The performer is the one that’s going to make it all happen. If that performer can’t read your guests, it’s not going to have the same effect. For years, we have perfected this and have had a lot of success in doing so.

Your guests will be amazed by the magic. They will suddenly feel as though they got more value for their dining experience. This is made possible because our performers don’t solicit tips, either. When your guests get a better value, they’re going to share their attitude on the subject with others. Combine this with the excitement of seeing up close magic and the buzz is going to be through the roof. People will be talking, texting and tweeting about your restaurant faster and more effectively than any other dining experience you could provide, any other marketing campaign you could run or any other advertising you could put together.

When you look at our rates for your restaurant, don’t think of it coming from your entertainment budget. Instead, capitalize on the power of magic by using it to bolster your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Magic is much more than you imagine. At Restaurant Magic Business, we can guide you to capitalize on the power of magic and increase the effect that it will have on your bottom line.

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