Advertising Through Magic

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As a restaurant owner, part of your job is to maintain a budget. Within that budget, you should have a line item for advertising. This will cover how you plan to advertise your restaurant to bring in new clients. You can advertise on the radio, on the television, online, in print and within your four walls.

Regardless of how small or large your advertising budget is, you want to use it as effectively as possible. To do this, you need to ensure you are reaching the widest possible audience.

Let’s break down the possible advertising options and how they can and can’t provide you with the success you’re hoping to achieve.

The radio can bring people in, but it’s up in the air as to whether it will really work. You have to choose the right radio station and the right time slot. If you fail to do either of those, you are ultimately wasting your advertising budget.

The television can also be advantageous because you get audio and visual advertising. However, you run into the same problems as with the radio. If you don’t select the right station or the right time slot, it’s going to be hard to capture your target audience.

Online and print advertising can also be effective. If you choose the right medium for your target audience, it can be your ticket to bringing in the customers. The problem with online and print advertising is that you need to pay for campaigns, which are on-going. The moment you stop advertising, the traffic through your front door is going to stop as well.

Within the four walls of your restaurant, you can use magic to advertise. It’s true. Magic is a proven way of creating word-of-mouth advertising to bring in repeat clients. These days, 55-70% of restaurant customers are repeat clients. When they experience something fun and new at your venue, they want to tell everyone about it. This is the most positive form of advertising!

We have a network of trained hospitality specialists that are constantly talking to people about where they are performing magic. When people want to know where they can see magic, our specialists tell them. Plus, we also list your restaurant on our promotional partner website,, telling people of your new entertainment product that adds value to their dining experience.

This added value is going to give your customers something to talk about. Buzz about your restaurant is invaluable. Best of all, it keeps going and going. If each customer tells five people, at least one will come in to check out your restaurant and the magic. Then that person will tell five people as well. This will continue on until you are turning people away at the door!

You might be asking how you gauge the success of magic as advertising. Your increased guest counts, your customer satisfaction and the buzz that’s flying around town should be sufficient in telling you that you made the right choice on where to spend your advertising budget.

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