How Things Have Shifted in the Food Service Industry

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Over the last two years, we’ve worked with a lot of restaurant owners. We have been connecting them to our magicians in order to provide more memorable dining experiences for the guests. As we’ve done this, we’ve learned that restaurants have an even greater need. They need to raise the experience for their staff just as much as they do for their guests.

I’m always talking to restaurant owners and managers about the importance of doing things within the four walls of the restaurant. This begins and ends with how you work with and train your staff. If your staff doesn’t understand your goals and your expectations, they aren’t going to provide the guests with the best experience possible.

As we continue to grow Restaurant Magic Business, our clients are asking us to spend more and more time speaking with their staff and providing training sessions on how to provide magical hospitality. We’ve been creating this kind of hospitality for over 15 years with our professional magicians. Many of the secrets translate to server staff as well.

While we’re not going to teach servers how to perform magic tricks, we will teach them how to provide magical hospitality. This includes such things as learning to read the guests, understanding timing and how to build rapport with a table. All of these things are taught to our magicians so they know when the right time to approach a table is and how to connect with the guests. We feel these are important for everyone to know – including your server staff.

When we combine our entertaining delivery with the solid content of “ThinkMagic” we get a professional training program for restaurants. We are excited about conducting more hospitality training to restaurants around the country. With more enhanced guest experiences, restaurants can enjoy better reviews online, more return customers and even many new customers due to word of mouth.

Marketing is only effective if you have created the right atmosphere within your four walls. If your server staff isn’t providing the best experience for your guests, it doesn’t matter how much marketing you do – it won’t work to continue bringing people in. Train your staff correctly and you will always have people coming into your restaurant.

If you are a restaurant manager, owner or operator, please stay tuned to this blog for more content. You will be able to use many of the topics discussed to make improvements to your server staff.

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