How To Add Value to the Dining Experience

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As a restaurant owner, you need to consider giving your customers value with their dining experience. Restaurants around the country do this in a variety of ways. Some place complimentary bread and butter on the tables, others put out chips and salsa. Free food is certainly a way to add value, but as more people are looking to thin their waist lines, you need to get more creative.

Entertainment can add a lot of value. Not just any entertainment, however – individualized, table-side entertainment. Magicians can be hired into your restaurant to provide each and every table their own private magic show.

Our magicians get a significant amount of training. They are told how to approach the tables, when to approach the tables and how much time to spend at the tables. On average, they will spend one minute per guest. If there are six people at the table, the magician will be standing in front of the table for about six minutes.

When guests are able to get their own private entertainment, it’s something that will stick with them. They will not only want to return time and time again because they were able to enjoy a complimentary magic show but they will want to bring their friends. It can become a trickledown effect of bringing more people into your restaurant. The friends will see the magic and bring their friends and so on and so on.

While it may be difficult to pinpoint a very specific ROI, you will see the guest satisfaction ratings go up. If you conduct any surveys where you elicit the feedback of guests, they will tell you how much they enjoyed the magic. Further, you will see the increase in revenue and customer counts from month to month. (Watch a client interview here.)

One of the restaurants we work with is inside of a hotel. The manager told us that he added magic on some of the slower nights to give people a reason to come back to the hotel a little earlier on those nights. When guests learned they would be getting complimentary entertainment, they made a point of returning to have dinner inside the hotel restaurant instead of eating off-property. As a result, the restaurant’s sales increased significantly on the nights when a magician was performing.

Adding value to your restaurant often means providing something at no cost to your customers. They don’t have to pay for the chips and salsa, so they like that. If you have any kind of entertainment in your establishment, it has to be complimentary, otherwise the value is lost.
None of our performers solicit tips. They go to the table, do the magic and leave before anyone can tip them. This helps add value in the mind of the customer which in turn helps servers earn higher gratuity and helps you get repeat business.

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