Magic as an Effective Marketing Tool

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You are undoubtedly familiar with the phenomenon that is social media. Social media marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing because it creates a buzz about a business. When you post something about what’s going on with your restaurant…or when a customer posts a comment raving about your restaurant, it has the opportunity to go viral. This form of word of mouth is exactly what you need for your restaurant to succeed in this day and age.

Remember that people will always talk about their experience at a restaurant, regardless of whether it’s good or bad. If someone has a bad experience, they will likely tell 100 people (more if they post it in a social media atmosphere) and only about 5 when they have a great experience.

Your goal at a restaurant is to provide the WOW factor to your guests so they turn into your best marketing tool – word of mouth.

How do you achieve this? Magic! No, really. Walt Disney said “There is no magic to magic, it’s all in the details.” At Restaurant Magic Business, we sweat all of the details so that what the customer experiences can only be described as “magic.”

On the surface level, what we provide to your restaurant is magicians that do table-side close-up magic to WOW your guests. But underneath the layer of entertainment is a whole foundation of business focused and customer driven experience marketing that has been tested across generations, cultures, and income levels.

Magic has the uncanny ability to relate to anyone and everyone. Kids and adults alike are mesmerized when a magician is able to make something appear, disappear or do something to an object that shouldn’t occur naturally. This awe factor is just what you need in your restaurant to get the buzz started.

People are going to talk about the tricks that our trained hospitality specialists performed at the table. Why? Because the magician is going to engage everyone at the table and hold the interest for as long as the trick (or tricks) last. When everyone is part of the action, they are going to talk about the experience over and over again.

Keep in mind that communication is virtually instantaneous these days. If someone is bored in your restaurant, they’re going to reach into their pocket and send a Tweet or Facebook status update. It could read something like “Uggh, sitting at [insert your restaurant name here] and I’m so bored 🙁 ”  This is bad! Now everyone who reads that is going to have the same opinion of your restaurant.

Wouldn’t it be better if the post read something like “Just saw the coolest magic trick at [insert your restaurant name here]? I can’t wait to come back and see what they do next week!!”  This is going to provide the kind of buzz that you actually want.

You have control over what people say about your restaurant. Everything you do, everything you serve and everything you offer is completely in your control. If people didn’t like the fish, it’s the kitchen’s fault. If people didn’t like the server, it’s because you didn’t train properly. And if people didn’t like the atmosphere or entertainment, it’s because you didn’t pick something that provided the WOW factor.

Our magicians go through a lot of training to understand how to read your guests. We pair them with restaurants that match their personality, too. When you want to market effectively and harness the power of social media, magic is a tool that will get your guests raving, ranting and referring. That’s instant marketing for you. That’s the true power of Restaurant Magic Business.

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