Match Entertainment to Your Brand

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You’ve got a restaurant that you’ve worked hard to brand. It may cater to the young, the old or everyone in between. When you match entertainment to your brand, you need to focus on something that will cater to the crowd that you are trying to bring in the door. Anything less than this and you may lose your clientele because they no longer understand your brand.

At Restaurant Magic Business, we are in the business of providing fine magic for fine dining. Over the years, however, we have evolved to encompass a number of different dining establishments into our repertoire. Restaurants of all calibers have had significant success with adding a magician to their lineup because of the way we hand select our magicians.

When you are looking for a way to entertain your guests, it can be hard to choose something that everyone will like. Just because you serve Mexican food doesn’t mean everyone will like Mariachi music. Just because you are a kid-friendly restaurant doesn’t mean everyone will appreciate clowns and balloon animals at their table. You need to ensure your entertainment can be adapted to your customers, not just to your brand.

That’s where we come in. Our Magical Hospitality Specialists are trained in specific aspects of magical performance to fit their personality and their experience. This ensures that you get the best product possible to entertain your guests.

We also go a step further. We pair up the restaurants with our professional performers for the best match. Some magicians are more outgoing than others just as some restaurants are louder and livelier than others. To provide the ultimate experience for your guests, we will ensure the magician assigned to your restaurant knows how to properly engage your guests.

Fun dining, family dining and fine dining are all concepts we have worked with. Our magicians have a wide variety of magical effects in their pockets to share with your guests. Depending upon the restaurant and the audience, they will pack for the night with a different set of props to ensure they can do the most effective table-side, up-close magic possible.

To ensure we match the entertainment to the brand, we teach our magicians the 3 R’s of social interaction: Read, Relate and Rapport. These skills help each magician to approach a table and form a better connection with your guests. At some point, it no longer matters what the magic is, as long as the entertainment is tailored to meet your guests.

Our magicians will read the audience. They will quickly know who the leader of the group is and how to make the approach. Within seconds, they will relate to the group at the table and form some sort of bond to work off of. Finally, it’s the rapport that is developed that will leave people engrossed in the magic trick.

Magic can be personalized, making it the best entertainment for virtually any restaurant and any brand. At Restaurant Magic Business we take great care and effort to understand your brand, identify your customer needs, and connect the magical entertainment to an experience that will match guest expectations and create an above-and-beyond experience that is worth talking about for many years to come.

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