Are Server Personalities Helping or Hindering Your Business?

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When you’re hiring servers for your restaurant, you need to ensure personalities are being observed before offering a position to them. When you have the wrong personality in place, it could be hindering your business significantly.

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Servers Should be in the Moment

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If a server can figure out the needs of guests early on, they can provide more attentive and customized service to that table.

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Take a Walk Outside Your Restaurant

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You take walks inside your restaurant all the time. You walk from the host stand to the bar to the kitchen and you make your rounds. This is what you’re supposed to do. But when’s the last time you walked outside of your restaurant? It’s important to inspect what’s around you to make sure you […]

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How Things Have Shifted in the Food Service Industry

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Marketing is only effective if you have created the right atmosphere within your four walls. Train your staff correctly and you will always have people coming into your restaurant.

The Power of Words

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In a restaurant, words have power. If your hosts and servers aren’t using the right words, it’s not going to have the same impact as if they use truly powerful words. Consider the following scenario…

What Do You Want Your Guests to Remember?

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Communication and training is of the utmost importance with your staff. Your servers need to share in your vision – otherwise your vision is yours and yours alone.