How is Your Restaurant Being Perceived?

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Do you know how your restaurant is being perceived? The image you think you’re creating and the image you’re actually portraying may be very different.

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A Personal Message from CEO Kostya Kimlat

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Three years ago I started this company to help restaurant managers book qualified entertainment to delight their guests on busy nights. It was something I had done for 14 years locally and felt confident setting up and managing across the country. In 3 years, we grew to having over 100 representatives in 15 states, performed […]

Abracadabra! Better Customer Service!

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This month we are featured in: RESTAURANT BUSINESS Magazine. CLICK TO READ FULL ARTICLE Learn the secrets of customer service that CEO of Restaurant Magic Business, Kostya Kimlat, shares with the restaurant industry. You’ll learn tips for owners, managers and servers. And if you pick up a physical copy of the magazine, you’ll even learn […]

Magic is in the Air at Eleven Madison – Is it in Yours?

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Eleven Madison Park is an elegant NYC restaurant with three Michelin stars that’s getting creative and adding magic to their menu.

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Guests Crave Variety

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Every time a new restaurant opens up, it’s busy for at least the first four weeks. The reason is because guests crave variety. They want to try new things, explore new food trends and enjoy new atmospheres. Take a look at the Food Truck phenomenon that’s going on right now. Almost anywhere that food trucks […]

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Who is Restaurant Magic Business?

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If you are a restaurant owner, operator or manager, Restaurant Magic Business is the solution you’ve been looking for. We help you provide more value to your guests’ dining experience, we entertain your guests and because we embrace word of mouth marketing for all it’s worth, we are the best marketing tool a restaurant owner […]