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Focus on What You Can Do Within Your Four Walls

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Every successful restaurant owner knows the secret to being successful is not just advertising, but by creating a memorable experience within the four walls of their venue. You must ask yourself how you are creating this memorable experience within your own four walls to ensure customers come back time and time again.

Restaurant Magic Business

How To Add Value to the Dining Experience

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As a restaurant owner, you need to consider giving your customers value with their dining experience. Restaurants around the country do this in a variety of ways. Some place complimentary bread and butter on the tables, others put out chips and salsa. Free food is certainly a way to add value, but as more people […]

Restaurant Magic Business

Match Entertainment to Your Brand

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You’ve got a restaurant that you’ve worked hard to brand. It may cater to the young, the old or everyone in between. When you match entertainment to your brand, you need to focus on something that will cater to the crowd that you are trying to bring in the door. Anything less than this and […]

Restaurant Magic Business

Advertising Through Magic

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As a restaurant owner, part of your job is to maintain a budget. Within that budget, you should have a line item for advertising. This will cover how you plan to advertise your restaurant to bring in new clients. You can advertise on the radio, on the television, online, in print and within your four […]

A Restaurant Trend That Customers Love

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Why do customers talk about restaurants to their friends and family? Authors and owners agree, it’s all about the experience.

Elevating Guest Experience

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In this short video filmed at Del Frisco’s Prime Steak & Lobster in Orlando, Fl, the owner talks about the impact entertainment has had on the fine dining experience.