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In today’s high-tech/low-touch world our approach to magic is cynical, yet we fully embrace The Magical. What is the difference between Magic and… The Magical? Look at today’s modern experiences…

Magic Wand Waves Over Food Service Industry

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Some practical bit of advice I’ve been giving to magicians around the world for many years. If you find yourself in the food service industry interacting with customers, something may happen to you once in a while or once every day. If it happens to you and you’re prepared, then you’ll have a perfect opportunity […]

Restaurant Magic Business

Magician from Japan performing in Orlando

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An American magician who has been living in Japan is coming to Central Florida with his family and will be a feature performer this week at three of our partner restaurants. Come see the amazing magic live!

30 cities in the US need magicians now

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Restaurant Magic Business is currently looking for qualified, professional magicians in over 30 cities. We are looking for the best. Do you have the experience and passion to join our team?

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Economic hardships vanish! No tricks. Just business.

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Economic hardships have vanished. And that’s no trick; it’s our dedication and passion for business. After 14 years of perfecting our service, we are now launching nationally and positively affecting the economy.

Restaurant Magic Business

Restaurant Magic Business in the NEWS!

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Recently we were featured in Today’s Restaurant – The Food Industry Newspaper. As the article says, “By adding equity to the dine-in experience through entertainment, business is sure to look upward.”