Magic Wand Waves Over Food Service Industry

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Some practical bit of advice I’ve been giving to magicians around the world for many years. If you find yourself in the food service industry interacting with customers, something may happen to you once in a while or once every day. If it happens to you and you’re prepared, then you’ll have a perfect opportunity to create customer service magic!

What am I talking about? It’s that unexpected moment when a piece of salad on it’s way to your mouth falls off of the fork and lands on your shirt. Everyone can see the disappointed, helpless look on your face when that new white shirt you just bought now has a blossoming vinaigrette stain.

An attentive server who is paying attention will notice this and will bring soda-water to blotch the stain before the customer even has the opportunity to mention it. Even better, the attentive server who knows one of magician’s biggest secrets “Always Be Prepared!” will be one step ahead.

Tide to Go Stick

The magical Tide® to Go Stick

To be ahead, all you have to do is slip a Tide® stick into your pocket. I started using these a couple of years ago and one day dropped it into my inside jacket pocket alongside my sharpie. That night, performing table-side magic at The Garlic restaurant in New Smyrna Beach, a woman at a table unexpectedly said to me: “Well, if you were a real magician, you could make this stain disappear.”

Without a pause and without a single word, I pulled out the Tide® stick and handed it to her. You should have seen the smile on her face – for the first time that night, I became a “real” magician, delivering not only laughter and garnering applause— but delivering pointedly useful customer service.

Whether you’re a sever interacting with customers on a daily basis or a magician performing your nightly gig at a restaurant, having a Tide® stick is a beautiful opportunity to create a bit of extra ‘magic’ that the restaurant’s guests, management, and your potential clients will greatly thank you for.

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