A Personal Message from CEO Kostya Kimlat

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Three years ago I started this company to help restaurant managers book qualified entertainment to delight their guests on busy nights. It was something I had done for 14 years locally and felt confident setting up and managing across the country.

In 3 years, we grew to having over 100 representatives in 15 states, performed over 1,000 shows and reached over 100 million people through live shows and media appearances.

To create this kind of demand, I traveled across the country, attended industry conferences, hosted and spoke at educational gatherings and met with thousands of restaurant owners, operators, and franchisees. My happiest moment came at a reception in Colorado, where an owner rushed over to say that he had taught his team the principles of hospitality that he learned from me a year ago and doing so took his franchise from #40 to #4 in the country in customer service!

Thanks to experiences like these, I’ve learned what’s most important to restaurant owners. After being in the “front of the house” for so long and helping manage customer expectations and experiences, I now see that what restaurant owners need first and foremost is back-end training to create a supportive team of employees and managers.

Only once there is a well-trained, motivated and managed team to run the systems, then delivering on the customer promise and creating the front-of-house experience can be communicated and executed successfully.

With this in mind, we are changing our business structure and shifting our focus away from entertainment and onto staff training. While Restaurant Magic Business will continue to provide its current customers with the same high level of entertainment and front of house delight, shifting our focus will allow us to serve this industry where it really needs help most.

In partnership with ThinkMagic, our next area of focus it to create and offer the finest training for the food service industry, presented live and in print and digital media.

With press in Restaurant News, Restaurant Business Magazine and the Orlando Business Journal, the word is starting to spread about the impact that these services are having on businesses.

Going forward, entertainment bookings will be managed by our sister company, See Magic Live. If you’re an entertainment professional, become listed on this national directory and promote your business to potential restaurant operators. If your restaurant is in need of hospitality entertainment for your front of house, please contact See Magic Live or search their directory for a qualified entertainer. Use our web articles to learn about “Magical Hospitality Specialists” and how magic helps your business.

And if you’re a restaurant owner, stay tuned. We’re going to focus on helping restaurant owners and operators run a better business. Better for their staff, better for them, and better for the community they serve.

With excitement for the future ahead!

Kostya Kimlat
Founder & CEO

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