Overcoming Preconceptions

Posted on 04.19.11 in Customer Service, Marketing, Restaurants , by

One of the chief tasks that any business has is overcoming any negative perceptions or expectations the customer may have previously had about their product or service. A restaurant with new ownership has to convince previous customers that they have good reasons to return and give their venue a second chance.

A difficult task. And no different when our Restaurant Magic Business presents our menu of services to a restaurant.

So often, when we are introduced to a new venue, there is a bit of hesitation from management. They may have “tried it before,” or don’t see how “it can fit” with what they offer. We understand completely. If you’ve tried something before, it’s easy to assume that your next experience — positive or negative — will be like the last. There is no easy road to overcome previous expectations. Instead, a company must work to develop a new relationship based on trust and successful, continued delivery of a product or service.

Our company works with two kinds of restaurants: privately owned and corporate owned. With the second group, it often takes 3 to 9 months for our inquiries to work up the corporate ladder for approval, often getting anonymously rejected because of someone’s previous negative experience.

When we approach privately owned and franchise operated restaurants, the objections come up right away. Knowing their concerns, we are instantly able to show how our service is different than anything they may have seen before. That’s the power of listening and communicating with your customer and discovering their preconceptions.

How do we do it? Normally magicians don’t share secrets, but this is a special exception. Especially since knowing the secret and being able to do it are two different things. So stay tuned and next time I’ll tell you all about the steps our team takes to shatter people’s previous expectations and perceptions. These simple steps can be used by anyone in any business to ensure their customers don’t get hung up on preconceptions.

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