Overcoming Preconceptions, Part 2

Posted on 04.26.11 in Customer Service, Marketing, Restaurants , by

While preconceived notions will often make that first impression clouded with assumptions, there are ways to bring your customer back into the moment. It’s called the fine art of uncovering the customer’s true, and often hidden, objections.

When we first approached a restaurant franchise location in Orlando, the owner told us of his previous experience. “We tried magic once and the timing wasn’t right and the person wasn’t right,” he said. Our company took that as a wonderful challenge. And luckily, this owner knew that seeing is believing and he asked for a trial night. We learned about the restaurant’s timing and their level of quality, honing in on what would make our magic successful at their location starting with the very first week.

Fast forward 15 months. Yesterday I paid a visit to the same location and was greeted by a new General Manager. While normally a new manager who comes into a restaurant looks at what they can cut first, this manager excitedly told me that the magic is working so well that the customers are now calling and asking about it and he wanted to know if we can provide another magician on a second night of the week!

We can’t imagine a greater success story and we can only look forward to overcoming other owner’s pre-conceptions in the near future. Just as a restaurant hopes that one bad meal or one bad customer service faux-paux won’t prevent customers from coming back and giving them a second chance, we’re here to show restaurants what fine, quality magic, supported by centralized training and marketing, can really do for their business.

But we would have never been able to do that if we hadn’t taken the time to listen. To discover our client’s hidden objection that, had they not trusted us when they met us, would never have been uncovered.

 The sales process begins with trust, it continues through listening, and is built through empathy and mutual understanding and acknowledgment of everyone’s interests. We take great joy in listening to our customer’s previous experiences. It lets us know where they’ve been and excites us to take their expectations to a whole new level.

There’s a joy to astonishing people, and at Restaurant Magic Business we do this at the table and through all of our interactions with our clients.

Master your product. Listen to your clients: uncover their needs, wants, objectives and objections. In no time, you’ll be able to overcome their preconceptions no matter what business you’re in.

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