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We Engage Guests to Have Fun & Return!
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More people, more publicity, more often.

Want more raving fans in your restaurant and more media attention in your city? That’s the magic that we specialize in. Our professional, elegant and non intrusive form of magical entertainment transforms a regular dining experience into a memorable event. Our highly trained and certified performers understand the restaurant industry and are adept at creating an inviting atmosphere for your guests and your staff. They help make the guests visit to your restaurant more fascinating and give your guests more to rave about!

For more than 15 years, we’ve been working in partnership with restaurants to create a highly effective service. Through these efforts we have been able to develop a fully integrated marketing program that builds on the best features of your current establishment.  We have a history of proven business results and a slew of case studies that can be replicated at your restaurant location to improve your bottom line.

Your guests get:

  • A gift from your restaurant
  • Additional Attention
  • A positive, memorable experience
  • Stories worth telling to hundreds of others
  • Another reason to return in the future

Your restaurant gets:

  • Increased repeat business
  • Improved guest satisfaction
  • Additional revenue
  • Happier guests returning more often!

Now that you’re intrigued, learn more about how we work, or jump right in and contact us to set up a free trial night at your own restaurant. Trust us, your bottom line will thank you!