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FAQs for Owners/GMs

Dear Restaurant Owner and Management,Download & Print this PDF Sheet

We know you have a lot on your mind and on your plate. We want to make your life easier while helping you increase business. Here are some questions that you may be thinking of right now.

Will my customers like magic?

People of all ages love magic! And most of the time they only see it on television. When they get to experience magic live, inches from their eyes, presented by a professional, this is an experience they will talk about for a long time to come. And the best part is that they’ll tell all of their friends where they saw the magic, thereby creating genuinely positive word-of-mouth advertising for your restaurant!

Is magic right for my restaurant?

This is the #1 concern we hear from managers and we understand this thought completely. You’ve taken time and effort to create an atmosphere in your restaurants that your customers love and recognize. The only thing we’re here to do is to add to the warmth of the atmosphere you create. We work with a variety of restaurants, from fine dining establishment to bars, nightclubs and family focused venues. Each restaurant requires a different approach and all of our entertainers are trained to have a very acute sense of how to present themselves and interact with your customers. All of our performers know to be Courteous, Professional and Welcoming to All Guests.

Can magic really enhance the customer experience?

Yes, yes and yes! That is our #1 specialty! We know how to create that special magic moment that your guest will talk about for weeks, months and even years! We create custom presentations for each table and they love the special attention they receive at your restaurant! Whether it’s friends celebrating a birthday, a couple celebrating an anniversary or just the regulars coming in for dinner, we do something special for them that they will tell all of their friends about. And furthermore, if you have delays in the kitchen or the servers are in the weeds, the magic is that extra level of customer support that will keep your guests happy while they wait.

Can you really increase my business?

Amongst the team of magicians that we have, some have been performing at their restaurants for 15+ years. There’s a reason why the owners of those places have kept the magic for so long – it works for their business! Simply put: when a customer of yours who has seen the magic has their friends or family in town that they want to take out to dinner and have to make a choice between two restaurants, they will pick your restaurant because it has “this incredible magician that you’ve just GOT to see!” Overtime this will add up to a lot of business!

How will this be promoted?

It usually takes 3 weeks of performance at your venue for both the staff and the regular visitors to get used to the idea. Then the word-of-mouth starts to spread like wildfire! Over the first three months you’ll see a steady increase in customers asking for the magician and returning on another night knowing the magic is there. We will also provide the restaurant with a lobby poster designed to advertise the magic throughout the week. We also have a special “Food Trade” promotion that leverages the food-trade you give us to bring you more customers. Just check out the “Enter to Win” tab on our current website: .

Can I really afford this in today’s economy?

Our goal is for our services to pay for themselves, which typically happens within the first 3 months. The word-of-mouth spreads and each week enough guests will come in to see the magic to pay for the magic itself. More importantly, when we work with restaurants, all magicians make a dramatic rate cut in order to work with you in the long-term. When hiring a restaurant magician through Restaurant Magic Business, you get to pay 1/2 the price and you get DOUBLE the time. These days it’s all about the value that you provide your customers; the magic is that extra touch that makes them talk about your restaurant and be excited about coming back!