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FAQs for Servers

Download & Print this PDF SheetThe following is a list of questions that your serving staff may have. Before the first night, we recommend printing out this FAQ Sheet and posting it for all of your servers to see.

When does the magician perform at the table?

Most often, the magician will perform at a table after guests have ordered and are waiting for their main course. The magician tries not to approach tables where there are menus, food, or a check on the table, unless specifically requested by the table and this is the only chance he will have to engage the group.

How does the magician help me?

There are many specific situations where you will find the magician to be your best friend and most useful ally. If a table has ordered meals that take a long time to prepare or there is an unanticipated delay, let the magician know right away and he will try to get to the table to keep them occupied and make the time fly by. Inviting the magician to join the table for a special occasion can also make the evening a fun and memorable experience for the whole group!

What is the most effective way to interact with the magician and get my guests excited?

When you greet your tables, let the guests know there is an amazing magician present who would be delighted to entertain them, on the house, while they relax between courses. Then let the magician know right away he has been requested. You will quickly pick up on the critical “applause times” when guests are watching closely. And when you deliver the food, the magician knows to wrap up the show right away. After just a few nights, we will learn the best ways to work together, creating a seamless and magical experience for our guests!

Can the magician help my tips?

Because the magician has been contracted by the management and does not make a living by asking for tips, working with the magician can only increase server’s tips as the customer’s satisfaction level will be much higher thanks to the magic. Once in a while, a guest will insist on tipping. In these cases, the magician will accept the gratuity.

The magician WILL:

  • Give your customers something special and a fun-filled evening
  • Help you out during long wait times, check times, or if you get "weeded"
  • Make a table's celebration more memorable
  • Enhance the guest's dining experience
  • Help make you look better!

The magician WILL NOT:

  • Disturb your guests while they are eating
  • Interfere with food or wine presentations
  • Take your tips

Call the magician if you:

  • Are having longer check times on food
  • Have a table celebrating a special occasion, or just look like they are having fun
  • Seat regulars, or have a table who needs some extra attention
Download & Print this PDF Sheet