Guest Entertainment

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How We Work

Since you’re ready to increase your restaurant’s bottom line, you probably want to know how we seamlessly integrate our magic into your guest’s experience.

When we come to your restaurant, we work to make your business better for both your guests and your staff. We will dazzle and delight your patrons while they are waiting in the lobby, having a drink in the lounge/bar area, or while seated at their table, awaiting their meal. The magic is performed at the most opportune moment, never interfering with the food service or table turnover.

How We Improve Your Business

Slow nights, busy nights, and any night or day in between, we help you flex your “service muscle” by:

  • Calming the stress of servers if they’re “weeded”
  • Enhancing the dining experience and increasing tips
  • Helping with wait times in the lobby or lounge areas
  • Deferring attention from delays
  • Providing the locals with a reason to come back and bring friends

While our magic will definitely entertain your guests, continue reading to find out how our integrated marketing solutions actively promote your restaurant and increase awareness of the unique dining experience your restaurant offers.